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The Big Red Flash

Graflex Products

From the moment you unpack your Big Red Flash from its custom made triple layer box, you will understand that the attention to quality and detail has not been spared anywhere for this product. The custom packaging allows the Big Red Flash to be shipped anywhere in the world and arrive undamaged from its shipping vault.

The Big Red Flash is constructed entirely of stainless steel with the exception of the bulb sockets made from cadmium plated steel.

Once the bulbs are inserted grasp the Candy Apple Red Metal Flake Ball, hold the unit vertically or horizontally, rotate the switch to fire the bulbs in the sequence that you require until all six bulbs have been flashed.

Place the switch back to the Off position using a white cotton glove, remove the expended bulbs and replace them with new flashbulbs ready for your next sequence. Any bayonet based flashbulb such as the #5, Press 25, #8, #6, FP26, etc. may be used in this unit. Special adapters not included, that will allow you to use AG1, AG3B, and AG1B flashbulbs in this unit providing less light than those previously mentioned may be ordered from our company.

After approximately 150 bulbs have been fired, we recommend that the 9-volt battery be replaced ready for your next round of flashes.

CAUTION: It is important that you are not any closer than 10 feet from another person when firing this unit in case a flashbulb shatters during use. This distance will prevent anyone from being injured as a result of flying bulb particles. As you know, flashbulbs have not been manufactured in many years so any remaining stock that you obtain is all new stock from its year of manufacture.

We have not experienced any bulbs shattering in a very long time; however it does and may happen on occasion. Should you require a closer distance than 10 feet to another person, we highly recommend that you provide a clear safety shield such as: Plexiglas minimum thickness 1/16” or another device in order to protect persons close by.

The Big Red Flash may be kept clean and shiny by using a hi-tech cleaning cloth suitable for camera lenses, CD’s, DVD’s etc. No liquids should be used to clean as the unit is not water proof. Cleaning cloths are available from Cress Photo.


The cost of the Big Red Flash is $560 US dollars plus shipping. To place an order please call (973) 694-1280


The Graflash 1&2 were manufactured as a result of one of the major studios requesting replicas of early type flashpans using flash powder as used by photographers at the turn of the century. The main difference between the Graflash 1 and the Graflash 2 is the shape and size of the pan itself. The Graflash 2 is the larger unit, operationally they are identical.

The Graflash units are constructed from high quality 6063 grade aluminum and are powder coded in a gun metal grey finish. The finish will provide many years of useful life without showing the ware and tear normally associated with production sets.

The Graflash units come complete and ready to operate. They are powered by 2 double A batteries internally, contain an On, Off switch and a push button switch to ignite the powder component.

The recommended igniters are Estes Model Rocket Igniters part #302301.

The igniters are connected to the 2 screws in the internal powder holding tray. A small quantity of flash/sparkle powder is added to this tray.

The graflash unit is held away from the body and face of the operator at extended arms length the power switch is turned on and when the push button is pushed the powder will ignite with a flash and smoke. It is suggested that you hold your breath when igniting flash powder and do not inhale the contents once ignited.

Graflash units are manufactured to the highest industry standards, using welded components to assemble the pan to the flash handle and are built to extend normal operational life.


Graflash units are intended to be used by Pyrotechnic licensed professionals. They are not intended for the general public as their operation can be dangerous to the operator if he is not thoroughly trained in operating photographic flash pans and components such as: flash powder, and sparkle powder and their ignition devices to the operator.

The use of these devices is inherently dangerous and you must obtain training in the proper use of these devices from other parties before attempting to use these devices either yourself or giving the devices to others to use Graflex Products, Cress Photo, or Bill Cress does not provide or offer this training. Graflex Products, Cress Photo/Bill Cress does not provide any warranty or guarantee regarding these devices nor do they provide any information/guarantee/warranty that these devices are suitable for any particular purpose or that they may or can be used for or any particular purpose that the purchaser may have in mind. The purchaser alone release assumes full responsibility for their use of the Graflash 1&2 flash pans in the activities that they conduct.

The purchaser will be required to sign and deliver a Waiver and Release prior to the Graflash units 1 or 2 being shipped to the purchaser. Graflex Products LLC, Cress Photo, and its subsidiaries and agents or representatives assumes absolutely no responsibility or liability for the purchase and use of the Graflash 1 and 2 products. These products are provided as a service to the film industry to be used only by professional’s knowledgeable and trained in their use.


The purchaser of the flash pan units will receive the flash pan unit itself which contains a built in On, Off switch a momentary contact ignition button 2 internal battery holders [you must insert 2 AA type batteries into these holders.] The pan unit contains a wooden replaceable flash powder and igniter holder [2 flash powder holders are included with the purchase of your unit.] Overtime these flash powder holders will be consumed by the ignition of the powder. Once they are no longer operational they should be replaced with the new one. The Graflash 1&2 flash pans are triple packed for shipping anywhere in the world and will arrive in the shipping vault undamaged.

The costs of the units are:

Graflash1 – $445 +shipping

Graflash2 – $500 +shipping

We do not supply flash powder, sparkle powder or ignition devices. These must be obtained from your local licensed pyrotechnic supplier, in accordance with the rules and regulations of your community.


Graflex Products LLC can custom manufacture flash pans and other products in a variety of shapes and sized, or products to your specifications. Please e-mail to us your requirements. Normal manufacturing time is 6-10 weeks, depending on the complexity of the product required.