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Flash Pans

Flashbulb Guide Number Information

Bowens Blaster Flashpans for rent, holds and fires 4 bulbs, push one button and fire sequentially or all 4 at once, battery powered, easy to use, perfect for film FX, Stage, TV or Video productions $200/day + shipping. We also custom manufacture flashpans, 2 models, Flasc Master CP10 & Master Blaster CP20.

These units each hold 10 bulbs and are fired sequentially , contact us for further information

Folding Fan Type: Honeywell-Tilt-A-Mite, Zeiss Ikon Ikoblitz 4, Voltar, Samigon, Waltz, Folcal, Avigo, Anscolite IV(flash cube), Duo Lux (German), Samoca, Gold Crest, Agfa, Rainbow 1, Accura, Minolta, Nikon, Vernon, Heiland Tiltamite.