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About Cress Photo & The Power of Flashbulbs

U.S.S Antietam CVA 1953

The Power of Flashbulbs

This picture was taken in 1953 from A Blimp. Note the plane launch! This experimental nighttime photo was achieved when the launch electronically triggered several thousand Flashbulbs.

Image provided by:
Antietam Association, Virginia.

About Cress Photo

Cress Photo (aka Flashbulbs.com) is the largest dealer and distributor of flashbulbs in the World. Our extensive inventory continues to grow and includes some of the most rare flashbulbs available.

We are driven by the need to both supply flashbulbs that meet the needs of your project, irrelevant of their uniqueness or quantity that you need.

Cress Photo has been in business now for over 30 years and Bill “The Flashman” Cress has been at the helm since the beginning.

Cress Photo manufactures flashpans, flashguns, ignition devices for flashbulbs, special effects FX apparatus and custom made equipment for film, stage, live performance, television, photographic, scientific, testing companies, space, military and a variety of other industries.

Click play to see just how bright a flashbulb can be!

We can serve as lighting and special effects consultants for your production, operation, or special assignments, anywhere at anytime, worldwide. We can also design, prototype, and build special equipment for your requirements.

In addition to flashbulbs, Cress Photo has an extensive variety of printed information and manuals on using flash bulbs and the ratings of all types of flash bulbs. We can make copies of this information which is no longer available anywhere. Cost to you depends on what you are looking for, time involved and number of copies. We try to do this as reasonably as possible in order to keep this information alive in the market place.

Cress Photo

Movie Credits

Benjamin Button
Cinderella Man
All The Kings Men
The Aviator
I Love Huckabees
The Missing
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Summer of Sam – Spike Lee
The Thomas Crown Affair
Untitled Cameron Crowe
WWD World Wide Wrestling Federation
National Geographic
US Army Bomb Disposal Units
Geust Lecturer at NYU in the use of Classic Cameras, Flashbulbs and Special Effects
Yale School of Drama
Canadian Forces
San Diego Opera
Maurice Richards “The Rocket”
Boston Ballet
Factory Girl – Andy Warhol
Final Destination
NBC’s Hit – “Surface”
Texas Ballet
Shall We Dance

Undercover Brothers
Unsolved Mysteries
Calvin Klein
US Air Force
Will & Grace
French German Research Institute
The Panic Room
The Penny Game
High School Marching bands
University Productions
Disneyland Productions
Big Apple Circus
Monday Night Films
Paramount Pictures
Scenes Too
Columbia Pictures
Police Departments Nationwide
Marci X – Paramount X
Cecil B. Demented