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Flashbulb Data

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High Intensity
Convenient and simple to use
Well suited to portable equipment
Fits standard light sockets
Operates in high shock and vibration environments

  Typical Applications
High Speed motion picture photography
Destructive testing
Large format photography
Theatrical special effects 

Class Slow Peak
Duration -
Lag Time -
Peaking time 30 msec
Rated lumen seconds 110,000
Approx colour temp 3800°
Min BC power 10 MWS
Bulb type A-23
Base type Med screw #102
Voltage 3-125 volts
Amp 3
Replaces Sylvania Bulb Type 3

Flash Characteristics

Below film speed and across from shutter speed, read guide number

film speed
10-16 20-32 40-64 80-125 160-200 320-500

Shutter speed
Guide Numbers        
Up to 1/25th & 1/30th 200 280 400 550 800 1150

To find f-stop divide guide number by distance in feet between flashbulb and subject. (example: with film speed 40, guide number is 400, distance 35ft lens setting 400 ÷ 35 is f/11)

Ansocochrome T/100 - use with 81D filter. Koda-chrome II prof. Type A, Ektachrome Type B and high speed Ektachrome Type B - Use with 81C filter. Ektachrome Prof. and Day - Use with 80C filter.

Table computed for 7-inch polished reflector. If large studio type reflector is used, stop down 1/2 to 1 f-stops. Use on voltages from 3 to 125 volts.
  • Warnings printed on packaging should be read carefully prior to use
  • Avoid Static
  • Numerical data is typical

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