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I have an extensive variety of printed information and manuals on using flash bulbs and the ratings of all types of flash bulbs. I can make copies of this information which is no longer available anywhere. Cost to you depends on what you are looking for, time involved and number of copies, I try to do this as reasonably as possible in order to keep this information alive in the market place.

SIZE                      PER PRICE BASE TYPE
AG1 DZ $45.00 Glass Baseless
AG1B                DZ $45.00 Glass Baseless
AG3B                  DZ $48.00 Glass Baseless
M2                     DZ $30.00 Miniature
M2B                  DZ $30.00 Miniature
M3                    DZ $44.00 Miniature
M3B                  DZ $44.00 Miniature
M5                         DZ $44.00 Miniature
M25 similar light as press 25 DZ $44.00 Miniature

FLASH CUBES (3)cubes/1dz flashes $18.00 Plastic with index post
HI-Power Flash Cubes Fits Polaroid 430 (2)   $14.00 Plastic with index post
Magi Cubes                 (3)   $18.00 Plastic with index post
Flash Bar (GE or Sylvania) 1 pc 10 flashes $16.00 Contact Tab
Flash 600 (fits Polaroid) 1/pc 10 flashes    $16.00 Contact Tab
Flip Flash                           $16.00 Special Tab
PF1 Baseless Philips  8/sleeve $22.00 Glass Baseless
 adapter for PF bulbs-Bayonet $35.00
PF3 Philips DZ $50.00 Bayonet
PF4 Philips 10/sleeve $55.00 Bayonet
PF5 Philips 5/sleeve $45.00 Glass Baseless
PF60 Philips Each $10.00 Screw Base
PF100 Each $12.50 Screw Base
XM1 Osram Vacublitz 5 per sleeve $45.00 Glass Baseless
XM1B Osram Vacublitz      5 Sleeve $45.00 Glass Baseless
Photoflux Type II Phillips

#0 Wabash      



Flashlight Mini Screw Base

Medium Screw
#1 Mazda         EA     $20.00 Medium Screw
#2             EA     $9.50 Medium Screw
#2A Mazda    EA     $10.00 Medium Screw
#2B        EA     $9.50 Medium Screw
#3           EA     $14.00 Medium Screw
#3B         EA     $14.00 Medium Screw
#5 USA
#5 Japanese (National)
#5B    DZ $70.00 Bayonet
#5R Infared       DZ $60.00 Bayonet
#22R Infared       EA     $12.00 Medium Screw
#6FP             DZ $70.00 Bayonet
#6B FP        DZ $70.00 Bayonet
#7 EA $42.00 Medium Screw Very rare
Press 25     DZ $72.00 Bayonet
Press 25B    DZ $72.00 Bayonet
25C for Tungsten       10pcs film indoor $55.00 Bayonet
FF33(2+-sec burn time)    EA  $65.00 Medium Screw
SM Class F fast peak    DZ $42.00 Bayonet
SF Class F fast peak    DZ $42.00 Bayonet
#8                DZ    $55.00 Bayonet
#8B             DZ    $55.00 Bayonet
#11      EA    $8.50 Medium Screw
#11A focal plane   EA Amber  $9.00 Medium Screw
#11B                    EA   $8.50 Medium Screw
#16A                    EA   $24.00 Medium Screw
22                         EA   $9.50 Medium Sc

22B European            


Medium Screw

Medium Screw
#26 FP                DZ    $70.00 Bayonet
#26B FP            DZ    $70.00 Bayonet
#31FP EA   $12.00 Medium Screw
#31B FP              EA   $12.00 Medium Screw
Press 40                   EA   $8.50 Medium Screw
Press 40B               EA   $8.50 Medium Screw
#50                         EA   $13.00 Medium Screw
#50B                     EA   $13.00 Medium Screw
Press 50 Wabas/Sylvania Super Flash EA   $17.00 Medium Screw
Sashalite EA Foil Filled $110.00 Miniature Screw (flashlight)
  EA $150.00  in original box Rare Early Bulb made in UK by General Electric Co. LTD
Baby Sashalite EA Foil Filled $130.00 Miniature Screw (flashlight)
Mazda 75       EA   Foil Filled  $140.00 Medium Screw
Mazda #21               EA   Foil Filled  $35.00 Medium Screw
Mazda 11A                 EA   Foil Filled  $35.00 Medium Screw
Mazda 11B                    EA   Foil Filled  $40.00 Medium Screw
Mazda #7             EA   Foil Filled  $32.00 Medium Screw
Mazda #10               EA   Foil Filled  $40.00 Medium Screw
Mazda #15                 EA   Foil Filled  $40.00 Medium Screw
Mazda #20               EA   Foil Filled  $42.00 Medium Screw
Osram X0*143 foil filled tubular (rare) EA $140.00 Bayonet
Meggaflash PF200 case 48 bulbs $600.00 Screw Base
Meggaflash PF300 case 48 bulbs $650.00 Screw Base
Meggaflash PF310 case 48 bulbs $765.00 Screw Base
Meggaflash PF330 case 24 bulbs $1,500.00 Screw Base
Photoflux Type II Phillips Each Rare $140.00 Flashlight Mini Screw Base


**If you are in the film industry and making movies, I have many antique cameras of all types.
Press Cameras, Classic Cameras and Flashguns. Cameras from the 50's & 60's, available for
sale or lease for your film.** WE work with most major film productions companies as suppliers,
consultants, special effects creators and on set installations worldwide

Above prices do not include shipping. We will ship by whatever method you require except
UPS we have had too many problems with them. Fedx ground is much better and less expensive.

We will determine cost based on total weight, the shipping rates for the shipments outside
the United States by Sea, Air, or overnight delivery.
Any import fees or duties are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Note: Flashbulbs have not been manufactured worldwide in many years, the bulbs that you receive are previously manufactured stock which has been obtained from a variety of sources.

Please observe all prudent safety precautions when using flashbulbs, a few of which are: Always use a clear safety shield over your Flashguns reflector between the bulb and you subject in case the bulb shatters, glass fragments and filaments can be thrown a substantial distance causing injury. Never store bulbs near heat, x-rays equipment, high frequency radio or radar transmitters, electromagnetic sources.

Very early manufactured bulbs did not have safety coating and are very susceptible to shattering during use. Foil-filled bulbs are especially susceptible to being ignited by static electricity.

Do not carry bulbs in your pockets. One bulb can ignite another if they are touching each other when one is fired. Additional information is supplied with your order.

If you do not know how to use flashbulbs please find out before ordering!!

Most bulbs are in original cartons or packaging, some are loose or bulbs are repackaged.
Bulbs are by various manufactures. Contact me for other sizes not listed.
I have some odd-ball collectables and foreign bulbs as well.

Honeywell Tilt-A-Mite folding flashguns $85.00 fits accessory shoe on top of cameras, pc cord attached.
Requires 15V battery ( not included).
Many other types of flashguns are available.
Lots of Graflex and Heiland flashguns available, originals, new reproductions etc.

15Volt - $18.00
22.5V -$20.00
CRF123 3Volt - $7.50
PX27 5.6V $27.00
625A 1.5V $15.00


Screw base to Bayonet #5 ( 1/2" tall) - $25.00 more to be added  
Screw base to Bayonet #5 etc ( 2 3/8" tall) - $37.50    
Screw base to M 2,3,5 25, - $25.00    
PF 1,3,4,5 to Bayonet #5type - $45.00    
Screw base to test light - $40.00    
Bayonet to M 2,3,5,25 - $35.00    
Bayonet to AG1 - $30.00    
Bayonet to screw base - $37.50    



Electronic Flash    Adapter


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